Wolf's Lair

Welcome to Wolf’s Lair! Are you ready to discover all the secrets hidden in this house? The goal is to uncover the secret that “Pepa the wolf” left behind in her rush to escape.

Players must scan the codes and follow the clues to discover what mysteries the house hides. You can compete against each other to see who can uncover the secret first. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience!

Modes of play:

  1. Individually 
  2. Group: 
  • Each member of the group registers with their user or guest.
  • You create a group (with the same group name) and add them to it.
  • Devices are synchronized, actions will count for the whole group.


  • You must bear in mind that we are in a rural house so we ask you to take care and respect the environment. Children must be under the constant supervision of an adult.
  • You can start the game whenever you want. The indications will lead you to the first challenge.


It is important to know that asking for hints, skipping a challenge or failing the answer three times has penalties, each one more severe than the previous one.

When you finish the game you will be able to compare your scores with those of other teams in the ranking. Don't waste your time!


Location Madelos (A Coruña)
Sponsor Abeiro Da Loba


- All players belonging to the same team must have EXACTLY the same name.

- The devices of the members of each team are linked. 

- Failing the solution of the test three times will advance you to the next challenge with a time penalty.


Required materials:

All you need to play is:

- Mobile phone

- Internet connection

- Paper and pen (optional)




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